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Does my child need to be potty trained?

No, they do not need to be potty trained to start at pre-school.

We check and change nappies throughout the session, you will need to bring nappies with you in a clearly labelled bag along with a spare change of clothes.

When you feel your child is ready to start using the potty/toilet, we will encourage them to keep trying.

What do we do if my child is potty training?

We will help and support you and your child through potty training, just let us know, dress them in clothes that are easy to pull up and down and bring lots of spare clothes.

Do we need to bring anything along to the session?

It is a good idea to bring a bag, clearly labelled on the outside with your child’s name, containing a spare set of clothes and any comfort item they may need.  Hats and gloves in winter and a sunhat in the summer.  We recommend that your child does not bring their own toys to pre-school incase they get lost or damaged but more likely that other children will want to play with the toy and it could cause upset!

How do I find out what my child has been doing during the session?

Each session has a loose structure which includes free play, outdoor play, snack time, music/singing.  As we take a child-led planning approach, the resources and activities follow the interests of the cohort of children we have in each session.  The session is set up to include: physical activities, books, construction, home corner, art and craft, dressing up and small world play.

We add updates to our Facebook and Instagram pages towards the end of each week to show some of the activities that the children have enjoyed that week.

Talk to the staff at the end of the session and they can let you know what your child has been doing each day. 
Our daily noticeboard will tell you what they have had for snack and the focused activity of the day.

Do I need to bring a snack?

During each session we offer the children a healthy snack and a drink.  The snack is available on a rolling snack basis, so the children come to the snack table when they are ready.

Snacks include fresh fruit or vegetables, e.g. apple, banana, pear, carrot, cucumber and a dry snack e.g. breadsticks, cracker, brioche, or cereal.

Our snack is sometimes themed depending on the time of the year eg. pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, prawn crackers, noodles at Chinese New Year.

We encourage children to try new foods, explaining the importance of eating healthily and what different foods do to help the children grow big and strong.

Milk and water are available to drink.

What happens when my child first starts?

Before your child start with us, a taster session will be organised.  During that session, you and your child will have a chance to meet all of the staff, see the pre-school set up and ask any questions about pre-school.  You will also have a meeting with your child’s key worker in order for them to learn more about your child and where they are in their development stages.

Registration forms will need to be completed for your child which inform us of contact details, emergency contacts, health needs, allergies and any other child care settings they may attend.   These forms are normally e-mailed to you before your start date along with a copy of our Welcome Pack which has lots more information.

Once your child has started at pre-school, you are welcome to stay until they have settled and you are happy to go.  Alternatively if you wish to make a quick exit, let us know and we will aim to ensure your child is distracted whilst you leave.

Do you take the children out of the setting?

The Rising 5’s children usually have an outing planned each term.  These have included a trip to the Waterside theatre to see a show, trips to the park, a trip to the library and our annual sports day. 

Every year we organise an optional farm trip for the whole pre-school and their parents/carers.

How do the parent duties work?

At each pre-school session we need to cater for the legal adult:child ratios, which are currently 1:8 for over 3s and 1:4 for under 3s. 

These duties keep the cost of session fees down. Without parent duties, fees would have to increase significantly to pay salaries of the required number of staff.

At each session we have a Supervisor and 2 or 3 pre-school assistants, at/or working towards their Level 3 Diploma in childcare. We also need 1 or 2 parent helpers during each session.  This is organised on a rota basis.  The rota is displayed on the notice-board and you will also be e-mailed your duty dates for each half term.  Should you be unable to carry out any of your duties, please try to swap with another parent and let us know as soon as possible.

We can try to arrange cover for the cost of £20.00. The cover is provided by another parent who may be willing to carry out extra duties and the money goes straight to them, however we can only cover these if there are parents who will to take on extra duties.

We value parent input and many parents/carers welcome the opportunity to see their child enjoying pre-school.

What happens at lunchtime?

Before the children sit down for lunch, they first go to the toilet and wash their hands.  Children collect their lunchbox and sit down with friends and open their own lunchbox.  Staff are on hand to help with any tricky lids or packets and to ensure that children eat their lunch in the ‘right’ order eg sandwich or savoury item first, followed by fruit/yoghurt etc.  We serve water at lunchtime to help cut down on plastic bottles and cartons.  If a child only eats part of their lunch we will leave the remainder in the lunchbox so that you can see what they have eaten, however if they finish an item we will encourage them to put any empty packaging in the bin.  Once a child has finished their lunch, they pack away their lunchbox and wash their hands before going to play.  A child will be allowed 30 mins for lunch, any remainder can be eaten at afternoon snack if they stay for a full day.  Please remember that we are a ’nut-free’ pre-school which includes nut/chocolate spreads and that to avoid choking, items such as tomatoes, grapes, olives, blueberries should be chopped lengthways.  We are unable to heat food at lunchtime, however many children bring a flask with soup or pasta.


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